Explore the technology of Amazon’s Fulfilment Centres
From our online store to your doorstep, discover how computer science, state-of-the-art engineering, and incredible people deliver customer orders at Amazon.
* By signing up and attending a tour between June 15th 2022 at 8:00 BST and 31st July 2022 at 23:59 BST, you will be automatically entered into our Prize Draw. See T&Cs for more information
A virtual school trip for every future engineer:
Computer-science focused tours:
Discover how algorithms, machine learning, and more power our fulfilment process.
Workforce exposure:
Interact live with our Amazon Tour Guides and meet the engineers behind the technology.
One-hour learning experience:
Use the Teacher Toolkit to provide a real-life, standards-aligned learning opportunity.
  • #1 Choose a tour date and time

    We currently offer 2 tours a week. Select a month below to see the dates/times available.

    New dates/times are released mid-month, each month.

    If these times don't fit your schedule, use our interactive video tour in the Teacher Toolkit.

    #2. Watch and interact in one of two ways:

    In-class: If students are learning in-person, only the teacher needs to register. Teachers should project the tour in class and use a mouse on the large screen to answer interactive questions.

    Remote Learning: If you need to share with students at home, you can screen share via your normal conference platform or have students register for the tour directly. We recommend having remote students register directly so that they will be able to utilise the interactive portions (trivia).


Teacher Toolkit

Our Teacher Toolkit provides educators with slides, worksheets, and extension activities. Use these materials to dive deep into computer science learning and to set students up for success before, during, and after the tour. The toolkit also includes a recorded interactive video to share with any students who cannot attend the live tour.
More ways to explore with Amazon Future Engineer
Ready to take your computer science education to the next level? Try out these other computer science activities by yourself or with your class.
An interactive dance-themed online coding tutorial that gives students the opportunity to code characters to dance to songs from leading artists.
Ages 9-18
Sign up for a fun, free, three-hour virtual challenge where students can code an Amazon Hercules robot.
Ages 11-18
Invite an Amazon employee to your (virtual) classroom to deliver a virtual career talk about working in tech.
  • What will my class see on the tour?
    On the tour, you will see what happens behind the scenes after you order an item on Amazon. This includes how our amazing employees and technology work together to support customer fulfilment through the pick, pack, and ship processes. See the Teacher Toolkit to learn more.
  • How long is the tour?
    One hour total (45 minute live tour + 15 minutes live Q&A).
  • What ages can attend?
    We recommend the tour for anyone who is above the age of 8. The tour includes content accessible to each year group and teachers can use the Teacher Toolkit to adjust learning how they see fit.
  • What computer science topics will be covered on the tour?
    The following computer science topics will be introduced and explained in real-life context during the tour: algorithm, cloud computing, sensor, efficiency, database, quality control, machine learning, hardware, and software. See the Teacher Toolkit to learn more.
  • Can I just share my screen to my remote learners?
    If you have remote learners, you can screen share via your normal conference platform or have students register for the tour directly (via this website). We recommend having remote students register directly so that they will be able to utilise the interactive portions (trivia).
  • How much does this cost?
    The tour, and all materials included in the accompanying Teacher Toolkit, are provided to teachers at no cost.
  • Can individual students sign up by themselves, independent of a class?
    Yes, absolutely. Anyone can sign up using the same link as classes if they desire a computer science themed tour.
  • When will in-person tours resume?
    The safety of our employees and guests is our top priority. At this moment there is no set date for when public tours will resume. As the global health situation develops, please check back for more information.
  • What type of accessibility accommodations do you offer for virtual tours?
    The FC Tour team currently offers closed captioning on the general public tour video in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, and Czech. We are working to incorporate captioning into our live, Amazon Future Engineer virtual tours, but it is not available at this time. To request a specific accommodation for a live virtual tour, please reach out to virtualtours@amazon.com ahead of registration to confirm we can support.
  • Where can I go for a regular FC tour?
    Head to https://amazonfctours.com/virtualtours to join a non-computer science themed Amazon Virtual FC Tour.
  • Who can I contact for questions?
    Please reach out to afe-tours@amazon.com for any questions.
  • Something went wrong with my registration. Who should I contact?
    If you believe something went wrong during your registration (maybe you never received your remote learner tickets), email afe-tours@amazon.com for assistance.
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